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Because I am. Should I include that I am disabled in my dating profile? Having moved here from Montana, I thought it would be much easier. I was in a new, progressive, and open-minded city again! The peen and penetrative possibilities were endless! Besides, I had never had issues getting with people in other big cities, such as Los Angeles or New York. Yet, there is something to be said about Seattle. Am I a bad date? Or is it my disability?

I have cerebral palsy. Of course, people say the disability is no issue, in the same way you tell a friend milk chocolate is no issue when what you really want is dark chocolate. Oh god, now I want candy. In the three months I have been here, I have experienced several situations that have made me question basically all the humanity.

During another date, when deciding where to go, I suggested a nearby bar. All too often I feel like I am having to teach my dates what it means to be disabled boring! In other words: It is frustrating to be not only sleepless, but sex less in Seattle as well. Am I not supposed to be in my prime!? LOLZ, sorry, where was I? Moving on! I know what people are thinking: But it is hard to have faith when so many dates end the same.

Besides, I think I have a great attitude!

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No f-ing worries. As a human being and an individual with a disability, he is looking for reassurance to be himself, find someone to date and be in a relationship. Hiwever, he needs to be recognized as an individual and as a human being more than being recognized as a desperate for sex young man with a disability. We need to support our own community and I stand by you both. Get over yourself. Thisismylife, he did not mention a colostomy bag. If that was supposed to be a joke, it is extremely unfunny. Get over yourself — you are not all that! Ummm… the entire article is about the fact that he is a young man with a disability who is desperate for sex.

Hey buddy, you are not alone! Keep smiling dude!? It is very unfortunate but true. According to your experiences, people are not able to see you for who you are but the are only able to see you with your disability. The great majority of gay people is too shallow to recognize that even with a disability, you are an individual capable of loving and able to reciprocate. Many blessings. This is, to him, a Seattle specific situation. Methinks the problem has been misidentified.

Some people are so ignorant , he should not have to tell them. But he wants to be honest , to the guys he date. My partner has MS , he gets in pain a lot.. We have sex.. I am blessed to have a great partner and friend.. Love him.. Yet others are looking for muscular and big dick. Then no young guy wants you , unless you have money like Trump. And you can marry him and wait for him to die. God Bless this guy for trying , and yet no one will have a wonderful relationship with him.. He is a one or a million guys out there that will find a beautiful man. And enjoy great sex and 1 in a million relationship.

I get hit on all the time by young guys with Daddy fantasies. I have to say, that muscular guys for me are a turnoff, a deal breaker even. You had a second date? How did you manage that? Maybe celibacy is the answer. A lot of creative and successful people are celibate. Good point. I gave up sex about 4 years ago. I just published my first book and am working on my second. Sometimes the loneliness and isolation gets to me, but I can channel that into my characters. You really come off as anti-sex. This young man wants to have sex. And yes, quite a few very creative and successful people have lots of sex.

Chris, stop spreading the untruth. Danny and I are two different sane commentators who happen to disagree with you and Kangol on many issues. Instead of enjoying the experience of being intimate with someone new, unique and interesting, many men also like to brag to their friends about their conquests particularly in their twenties. I think time will prove to be more kind to you.

I think the PNW was cursed by evil homophobic witches back in the s or something. I used to live in Seattle. It was mostly twinks and an older crowd. When the excitement is over we come back. More generally, it is not common for gay people to find easily and quickly the right boyfriend. It takes some time and the fact he keeps having dates is a good thing, as others, disabled or not, may not even have this chance. I would suggest him to review his expectations on potential partners and, maybe lower them, as it could expand his opportunities and the chance to find Mister Right.

Also, I would ask him: Sometimes, when we expect people to reject us, we reject them first. Some of us can sabotage relationships like that. If it is the case, ask a therapist to help you. Once upon a time people dated. The phone based apps have created a world of quick, no strings fun.

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I sense that the guy wants exactly that — quick, no strings fun. Relationships may well be a thing of the past or at least a fading notion. Some experts have said over time that men are not made for anything closely approaching regular sexual experiences with just one person. He lives in a world where the quick boink is actually the preference. In his case I suspect that his physical disability may turn some men off. But there may also be some internal stuff going on as well.

Note the tone in the article. That comes through too. I suspect a physical disability reminds them of their own humanness. That sense that our noses are the wrong size, our butts are too flat. Once upon a time a relationship or at least living in proximity to other gay men was a requirement if you wanted quick, frequent hook-ups. I agree his difficulties to find a lasting partner may not be only linked to his disability or living area, and it might even not be the main issue. His intentions to look for a partner seem quite divided. On one hand, he clearly writes he is looking for sex partners and on the other hand, he complains that after a few dates they break up.

Of course, we can start having sex and then see, if it works, but then do not complain men not always fall in love with you or even want to carry on dates. If his intentions are quite confused, men coming to him might be too or cannot fit such contradictory expectations. If he does not really want to commit himself in a love relationship, it is fine, as long as he is clear and honest with him about it, as it plays a great role in his search for- and selection of- a partner and initial dates. Dating apps do not help in the process of finding a love partner, if ads are first oriented towards sex.

On the other hand, you can also be explicit when writing your profile on some of those apps not the most sexually oriented to filter people and attract potential right guys. I can attest after living there that the cute factor is pretty much entirely missing in the gay community. The decent ones descended on Portland on the weekends where many cuties abound. Maybe this guy needs to get to another city.

Fly me to Seattle and I can help you. We can help each other!! I think it could depend upon how severe the condition is. I think many are able to function on a very high level in society from what I have seen and would be great partners especially if they are self-supporting. These white boys in Seattle can be vicious. Ive been living here West Washington for 4 years now, I have the opposite problem, fetishism, couples. Just oversexed inexperience guys who are unbelievably selfish. Being black Pansexual in the PNW in a more rural area is the worst, not that going to the city is better. I seriously hope you find someone nice to date.

I would take him on a few dates: Sorry that Seattle has given you the cold shoulder, people with disabilities can be shunned in this city for sure. Most people are very tolerant at face level, but if anything is going further emotionally or physically, they start to second guess. I would probably sleep with you, depending on how the date went.

Hopefully people try to get to know you first before wanting to get down your pants: I have nothing but the highest regard for India Indians and find them attractive but without any sexual appeal whatsoever. Bone white young Russians the hottest things in the Eastern. In a set of identical twins, one could blow my mind and the other leave me cold. Big hugs, my most beautiful friend.

Seattle is very mental clicky. Not about a fun vibe mainly because of all the rain and cloudy skies and the highest suicide rate of any state in the US. Sun and light depravity could be part of it Josh, hang in there. Unpopular opinion: Just because places like Seattle, Portland and Vancouver have big gay populations does not mean that people are open or friendly or accepting.

But remember the law of attraction. The universe os your source. You can attract the only glass of water in a vast desert. Stop focusing on your rejection. Or come to terms with how safe it is. Your life is yours to create, so create it as you choose. In my experience, funny guys have a tough time getting laid. Funny gay guys, I mean. Christopher Hitchens made some interesting if controversial observations along those lines. But I think maybe because bullying often takes the form of joke-making, gay men shy away from funny men. I think that phenomenon explains a lot of drag culture.

We let men who take on a female persona give us all kinds of tongue-in-cheek abuse that probably would feel a lot less comfortable coming from a man who looks like and sounds like a man. But what do you do about that? Your funnybone is part of you, just like your eyes, and your hair and your nose and your disability. Just like all the other parts. Nobody else is that person. Nobody else is that miracle.

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Meanwhile, you just need to keep being you, and keep seeing the beauty in yourself, keep seeing the miracle that you are. Did you miss the part where he said he had no issue getting laid in other big cities like LA and NYC? Or you think his sense of humor lands just fine in LA and NYC but is a total turnoff to guys in Seattle for some reason?

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Is that you point. His personality is regional?

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  • You look beautiful! Self-love, self-respect, and self-confidence are aphrodisiacs they transcend looks and disabilities. I knew it was him as soon as I saw the headline. He was very straight up about the CP and we played around at a bathhouse and had a great time. We judge so many people by superficial characteristics! So wrong.

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    We have to keep looking beyond the surface of the young man or woman and find the individual within who is crying out for acknowledgment that they are much more than an impairment. All I can say is keep an open eye and when you least expect it, a love connection is just waiting. Mine took 2 years after my heart was broken. That was funny and well written article. One guy wanted to blow me in a park and another wanted me to move there and be his LTR after one date.

    I guess its just the group of men he is targeting because not all of them are stuck up. I think the disability thing just weirds men out. He is pretty damn cute. Good gay guys around my area, are few and far between. Speaking of dating will all the gay men take this survey please. He said he wanted to, and if you made the move, he probably would have gone for it. Last question, does everything work? This guy is full of it. I know tons of disabled men, some in wheelchairs, some who are blind, or deaf…and not only do they have active lives, they have active sex lives.

    I dated a man who had a disability he had an amputated leg , and that guy was the best sex of my life. Hands down. Is he really offended by stuff like that? Would he prefer that everyone he meets never ask ANY questions and just act nervous around him all the time? Probably not! Is he looking for a relationship? Is he looking for casual sex, but more on a regular basis? That seems easier to find at his age. Heywood, he needs to set the bar high. If he is looking for a committed relationship, he may or may not get one but conceivably sex can happen along the way.

    However, he is only looking for random sex, then random sex is probably all he will get, which will leave him lonely and unsatisfied. People can meet for casual sex, then sometimes they just hit it off emotionally. Relationships are a matter of compatibility. But I suspect what Josh is doing is… sending mixed signals, bringing up the subject of relationships when it is not really appropriate to do so, that sort of thing. Come to Steamworks Seattle. What is the justification for gay bathhouses these days? They are an outdated institution and I imagine people are likely not on their best behavior there.

    Time to close them down. I have heard that gays go to the bathhouse to have wild reckless unsafe sex. Your argument that bathhouses are safer than other settings may be flawed. Castle is apparently very sheltered and naive, has little ability to critically evaluate anything, and yet opines about things he has no experience with as if his imagination is the highest authority in the universe. Our matching software will actively promote members to you based on the quality of your profile. It's worth taking the extra time to say a few words about yourself.

    The better the quality of your profile, the better chance you have of finding a suitable match. If you are seeking someone with a specific disability such as an Amputee , then using our easy search tools will find the person that's right for you, instantly!

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    If you want Gay Disabled Dating then we also have hundreds of disabled gay men on our database. Simply select "Male seeking Male" on our easy registration form! We're free to join for trial members, and you can instantly start to send and receive messages should you decide to upgrade your account. If you are interested and want to know more please email to undateables betty. Disabled Dating Service 's of singles with a disability waiting to chat online. Find your disability match near Volgograd New Members?

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