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I'm a 28 year old gay guy moving to HK from San Francisco.

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What is the gay scene like? I would like to live near some gay expat spots: Local HKer here.

Last time I was at LKF a street in Central that is full of bars and clubs , when I open grindr and jack'd I saw tons of white gay males there. So I would say if you want to live close to the gay scene, Soho is absolutely the place to go. Generally in HK being gay isn't socially acceptable to be brutally honest. Most of my high school teachers did say some homophobic things once in a while.

It's getting better tho.

The gay pride in recent years are getting bigger and bigger ever since some celebrities in HK came out of closet and the debate of whether HK needs a law for protecting people of any sexuality from discrimination. And ever since this debate I observed that people are more outspoken on homosexuality and an awful amount of them are quite homophobic.

Propaganda is the grand-daddy of gay bars in HK. It's next to LKF with the entrance in an alley, close to the gecko lounge. It was pioneering in allowing models and flight attendants entrance without cover, thus naturally attracting tons of other people.

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It's the most expensive place though, so usually people go there after plenty of pre-drinking, at around Volume Beats and Lab are popular too, both in Sheung Wan, but they are small so people tend to spill out to the street. Not a big problem cuz it's quiet at night anyway. There are tons more family establishments around Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay, including a bear bar that terrified me in Jordan, but I haven't been to those places in ages so can't comment in depth. If you want to know more, check out dim sum magazine there are more mags but I forgot the names.


The LGBTQ scene in HK isn't as visible as it is in the West, and traditionally people frequent bath houses or massage parlours instead of nightclubs, so you might be disappointed if you want to see another London or SF. Nevertheless, a scene very definitely exists, and is growing slowly but surely.

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I know that many expat members of the family join dragon boat teams or other sports clubs, so you could start there if you're so inclined. The gay scene is slightly insulated; not large, but super friendly. If you are interested, a new magazine launched a few months ago called PLUG which is meant to be a gay-lifestyle magazine.

I know a few of the writers and will be happy to introduce you. In general being gay is frowned upon in a private, family setting, but there isn't much vitriol out here. For example, I'm not gay; my parents would be devastated if I was. But at the same time they are very friendly and love many of my gay friends. Forgot to mention, the gay art scene is pretty big. Forget when the LGBT film and arts festival is, but they do some pretty cool stuff.

It's small -- nothing like Taipei -- but active. For expats, most gatherings are around southern HK Island, so you may wish to look for a flat convenient to there. I'm mostly familiar with the activist movement. IIRC, Fruits in Suits has a strong expat following and regular gatherings; would definitely suggest that you consult them.

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Most people in HK would talk to you and then tell you they live with their parents and don't have a place to have sex. I really don't see the point because if you were to go to the bath house there are already lots of people for you to hook up with no point to try to meet someone from on line there. There is Zoo and Beat there. Looks like I'll be staying near near Central and Soho. Now you are one step closer to a romantic date!

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Or a hot hook-up , if you wish. We don't judge.

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Most of the discussions are in Chinese but feel free to start a conversation with the person you find interesting! Technology - wcity. Tuesday, 20 October