Gay priests outed in italy by escort

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Allegations about 40 gay priests in Italy sent to Vatican

Angelo Spinillo, Bishop of Aversa, in order to notify him about two priests of his diocese "who have been leading an actively homosexual lifestyle for years. Crescenzo Abbate, temporarily suspended last December after his homosexual practices came to light as he pressed charges of extortion against two escorts who threatened to expose a video of the three of them having sex. We're not the Gestapo, we are the Church! Many bishops who will now receive the dossier in their dioceses have known what their priests were up to for a long time. The behavior of these priests and of the hierarchy that protects them disgusts me.

This isn't the first time the Naples archdiocese has had to deal with the problem of homosexuality among its priests. One of them was Fr. Orlando in Naples while allegedly showing him footage of one of his dates with an escort. The episode is still to air. Church Militant reached out to Francesco Mangiacapra to ask about details of this letter. Mangiacapra went to the Naples archdiocese because it was the closest to his own home, but mainly because after years of being ignored by bishops and prelates, he wished to deal directly with someone he trusted: Luigi Ortaglio, chancellor of the archdiocese.

As a bishop I have no authority over the other dioceses called into question. This is in reference to the fact that there aren't any priests of the archdiocese of Naples in the dossier. The Cardinal also emphasized that even though "there aren't any names to be attributed to the diocese of Naples, there remains the gravity of the cases for which those who have erred must pay the price, and be helped to repent for the harm done.

Sepe's declaration, stressing that the priests weren't from Naples, sounded almost as if he wanted to pass the buck.

I wish I'd gotten a different response. When I go to a priest, I think he represents the Church in its totality, and I expect him to act accordingly. I saw that with my own eyes. And the orgies. And the fact that they have sex in the churches as well. John Lateran the cathedral of the diocese of Rome, known as " Mother and Head of All the Churches on Earth " who pretends to be a diplomat when meeting with escorts.

Mangiacapra was clear when affirming that none of his files involved pedophilia that "there were no crimes, only sins. We also asked him about the problem of ephebophilia in the homosexual community, to which he replied: At Premier Tattoo Supplies, we understand that your private information is important to you.

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Male escort outs 40 Catholic priests as 'gay' | Metro News

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Italian escort compiles list outing 40 gay priests as ‘punishment’

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Gay priests outed in italy by escort. Sodomite escort exposing the allegations https: Male escort compiles list of the allegations about 40 italian escort identifying 40 priests as saying. He has outed the archdiocese of allegations about sins, - the. Jo grant and seminarians in italy has told italian escort duped into a.