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[UPDATED] Here Are The Most Popular Gay Porn Websites In The World, Ranked From 60-1

Black Meat Taboo. Hung black dudes plugging any hole that they can with their gigantic cocks!

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Lots of eye-popping black on white action! Bonus Boy Sites. With only one membership, you get access to five sites with exclusive content. From jerk off's, fucking and deep throat sucking - you will find just what you need to get you off. All Gay Reality Pass. All Gay Reality Pass gives you access to 8 of the best gay reality sites - all for one low price! For the few weeks it has been active over the year, Colbyscrew already ranks.

That blink is still try-hard though. The metric is apparently Number of unique visitors in the last 30 days. A better test will be where it shows up next year. But he still got those visits, even if it was sxg pinching his nose. People were curious…. Yep — a lot of people went to the site to check it out, me included.

Repeat visitors are a better measure, in most cases. I gathered metrics for some corporate websites for a while, and one of our key metrics was the number of people who visited the site more than twice during a month.

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Consider ourselves lucky with what we have. That tubby tanorexic needs to sit the fuck down, he is straight up gross. LOL sadboner.

I get that people are attracted to different things, that dude just looks hit beyond his years. Some of us require something else than the hope of seeing mongoose-faced CF Sebastian spreadeagled in some LV dumpster alley. LOL oh hell no!! All the people searching for news about how Lucas bashes their own employees and bashes dead Syrian refugee children probably helps their Alexa ranking. Lucas is the scum of the Earth and if searingly exposing all the wretched things he does means not patronizing his studio, then so be it. Besides, on the rare occasions when he tricks a genuinely hot model into a contract, they inevitably squirm out of it and wind up somewhere less dangerous.

Well, I am, now that sxg passed on the tidbit that a lot of their older shit is streaming for free.

UGAS - United Gay Adult Sites (age verification site) | AcronymFinder

Despite several cough, cough sites which have done dubious work at presenting new and dare I say less than interesting content over the past year, sites who have shifted dependence on models from shall we say, waaaay east of New York, few with models of color; or those whose housekeeping practices are just plain shitty…this list in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl rates two snaps and a backfield booty shake! They have a ton of some of their best stuff from some of their best performers available to watch for free. Jake Cruise is on the list… I… https: Sad,if true, as they had some scorching scenes.

Zach, any info?? I was so disappointed in that site I was hoping for a lot more when it launched. Loosing Anthony Romero an owner of a third of the site with Austin and Naked Sword in the first month dealt them a huge blow. It quickly became unwatchable. Seems like Austin let the site go, which makes no sense considering how good the site actually was.

I say TimsTales is the best studio going at the moment. After all, hiring a dude for a night who looks like or is a porn star might be intimidating or pull you out of the fantasy, especially when you're looking for "the boyfriend experience. Since it is based out of Britain and a lot of the guys are from London, most of the dudes are young twinks and jocks who tend to be hairless and cock hungry. All of their sexual interests are listed in extreme detail, including whether or not a model is into giving or receiving watersports, if they like sex outdoors, or are willing to do additional video work.

As you might guess, unlike comparatively tasteful sites like Rent. Men, there is no pretense here — these guys want to go out on the town, then go down on you after painting the town red for the evening. That means no endless messages, no worrying about having your convos spied on. Just get an account, start chatting, and get together. You should know that since this site is British-based the majority of the boys are from the UK, especially in and around London.

There are a few dozen escorts from all over the world mostly located somewhere in Europe this site is ideal for people who live in or near the British Isles. And unlike some countries like Russia, technically France, and most of the United States prostitution in the UK is semi-legal. So, if you want to enjoy the virtual Red Light district without being hassled by the cops or even facing jail time, hit up one of the Sleepy Boys and book a train ride or flight to the United Kingdom. Like J2C there are great search options and a cam section, too. Both are worth looking at and, since the talent is predominantly from the southern UK, you're going to see a lot of white, uncut cock as well as hear some lovely Londoner and Yorkshire accents.

Some of them look very young! The site he accidentally blew up was RentBoy. So, in between lectures on how wrong being gay is, he was getting some gay ass on the side. Supposedly, he was only getting relaxing massages he made no mention of getting a happy ending Rent Boy became mage famous, which must have been great for the webmasters, until the US Feds cracked down on it.

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Eventually, the site was shut down and, while it has supposedly been revived in under the domain name of RentBoy. After that, escorts have been even more careful about how they advertise themselves even on safe sites like the ones listed here. Furthermore, the existing websites themselves are even more cautious about who they allow onto their sites.

So, I have no intention of being dragged into court over promoting some sick fuckers who are allowing underage people to use their sites. To sum up, yeah, as far as I know, all of these websites use stringent standards to vet their escorts, and they are vigilant to make sure that the site users are on the up and up.

So, enjoy the excellent escort service providers, guilt-free.

PornDude, how much do these guys charge for their services, cyberpimp? It depends on the escort and what you want to do. Unfortunately, a lot of these dudes keep their prices hidden on their profiles. So, you can only get the deets on what they charge to play with their dee behind a membership wall, but from what I can tell they charge reasonable rates and are pretty flexible.

My advice is to be as charming and open yet direct as possible. Also, keep in mind, most of these websites are free to join but will charge a fee for premium access. To get the best experience possible, I'd say you probably should get VIP membership. How would you become a professional male escort? First off, be very careful.

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You can make loads of money, but that isn't going to mean much when you spend it all on legal expenses or trying to treat or cure some heinous sexual disease. To avoid these, particularly the first is to get onto a good platform. Since newspapers can be really risky and old platforms like Craigslist Personals have now been shut down — thank you fucking federal regulators!

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They're only interested in providing a platform to professional sex workers and helping you make money, so they aren't going to just give out personal information to government investigators. And given the chilling effect that Rent Boy's closure had these sites are even more careful to cover their digital tracks. Second, if you're going to be having sex with lots of people, you're going to need to protect yourself from disease.

While vetting your clients might help a little, it's going to be hard to verify your clients status. Not only do people lie, but most people also go months or even years between HIV and STD testing, and some have never been tested for either ever. So, take advantage of the options that you have and use condoms, dental dams, and get on PrEP.